Medical devices are present in every part of the patient care process: prevention, diagnostic, treatment, complications and monitoring. The more innovator devices for treatments are, the better health results, costs and savings for the public system.

AMID approach lies in the competitive development and the boost of the best technology in medical equipment, orthotics, prosthesis, and functional aids, diagnostic agents, surgical and healing material, dental consumables, and sanitary products, in support of Mexican population, institutions and health professionals.

In general, some number about AMID member’s contribution in economical and sanitary terms:

Mexico is the 1st country of medical devices in Latin America and the 8th worldwide.
We have more than 8000 sanitary health records.
AMID covers 75 medical specialties.
Mexico holds more than 40 production plants.
Our sector contributes to 0.21% of the National GDP.
$4909 million dollars in value market.