The Mexican Association of Innovative Medical Device Industries, AMID, is an Association of global leaders in innovative medical devices and diagnostic systems, which promotes the advancement of health services in Mexico through better access to innovations that improve the quality of life of the population.


Our goal is to partner with stakeholders of the health sector in the country to promote regulatory and procurement processes which are efficient and transparent, and to ensure safety, quality and effectiveness of solutions in health care services.


  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Prioritization of internal operational values
  • Corporate values statement


AMID was created to overcome the structural problems of our industry:

Excluded from the Legislative Agenda

All the attention for health supplies was focused on drugs.

Lack of awareness of the value of medical devices in healthcare.

Regulatory Dispersion:

MD regulated under a generic label called "health supplies"
Operating under inefficient and rigid rules.

Constant overlap with pharmaceutical regulation.

No Media Attention.

Media did not differentiate between drugs and medical devices, the latter neglected as essential elements for health.

Misinformation led to a lack of interest in Medical Devices.

No Industry Representation.

Our sector was not fully represented by any organization.

A large number of medical device problems were inconsistent with the national industry.

In order to optimize our operation, AMID set two primary objectives:

Enhancing the Competitiveness of the Industry.

Promote full compliance with the regulatory framework.

Promote harmonization of the regulatory frameworkto international standards.

Promote harmonization of the regulatory frameworkto international standards.

Participate in working groups between the Government and the Medical Device industry.

Encouragment of Ethical Criteria and Best Practices.

Perform all activities and relationships under a Code of Ethics established by AMID promoting co-responsability as central principle.

Develop specialized documents on procurement policies.

Promote transparency and legal certainty in the process of public procurement.

AMID has incremented its number of Associates to 29.

Our Contribution to the Industry

"what we bring to the table"

Lo que Traemos a la Mesa


We are the only group representing innovative medical devices companies with business interests established in Mexico.

Knowledge of Mexican political, health and legal scenarios, which provides the basis for all strategies of the industry and tone of messaging.

Open communication with KDMS, and a deep knowledge of their own agendas.

Experience and ability to develop messaging and content.

Efficient work groups to provide information and relevant documentation, always aligned with the industrial environment of Mexico.

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